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Black Box - Ride on Time

Published on 21 Jul 2021 / In Music

⁣Black Box - Ride on Time
Pretty lady speaks of the synchronicity of the Holy Spirit.
Better have an understanding of the Devine ⁣Feminine for there is no salvation without it.
Gaia Sophia written out of the Bible & the word Wisdom put in its place.
For Sophia means Wisdom.
⁣What is the greatest Jew lie of all time? The New Testament. Jews & Mexicans have the same flaws in their personalities. They marry their cousins. That lack in DNA has bred out all of the intelligence & love out of their race. Why are Jews so intent on wiping out the white race? It is the only race where the women are capable of loving you back. Love is the one and only weapon that can defeat these Jew/Christians demons that they worship as gods. What is the real flaw in Christianity? The real reason the Christian Heaven is such Hell? Because, this planet is the real Heaven (if any of them actually read the Bible without some Jew preacher interpreting it for them). It is there. Right there in the Bible. They'd realize that. The real reason Christian Heaven is such hell is because once in that soul prison they'll spend all of eternity begging to come back & once this planet is reduced to less than a billion people that wait will be a very, very long time. Many, many souls vied for the opportunity to be here, especially for the End of Days & they wasted it looking for a savior & a new life they will never have until they are allowed to return & like I said, that will be a very, very long wait. Why do Christians believe every lie that comes out of a Jew's mouth, cause they are scared to death of losing the love of that Jew on a stick. This rollercoaster is just getting started girls & boys. Grab your wine cooler & pop corn & hang on for dear life.

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