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Black devils are destroyers

Published on 13 Sep 2021 / In Niggers

Video from HistoryReviewed channel, mirrored from F-Zion.

Informs that whites MUST confront these black devils. If your blood doesn't boil when you see them causing chaos or harm, or even things like opening comsumables and contaminating them for the real consumers... Then you are still brainwashed. Kill them, send the jew devils a message. And hang the satanic synagouge attending demons.

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Duck 3 days ago

alternative news reported george floyd and actor cop faked his death to start riots. BLM is bullshit

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AryanRooster 3 days ago

Judaism’s ultimate nuclear weapon: The Nigger.

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Spectralwulf 4 days ago

You say "kill them"? Why should any human wreck their own life for these animals? They vigorously kill each other as well as their own children in abortion mills. They should be given free abortion pills and birth control along with whatever bullets they need to sort themselves out. Many could already be sterilized by the covid jabs. The black population in the US isn't multiplying like Africa. Their percentage of the population has fallen since the 2010 census. As long as new Africans don't flood in, the black population should decline as the older ones die off and much of the younger generation kill each other or go to jail before reproducing. If their single mom broodmares are prevented from pumping out more black babies, their numbers should gradually decrease. I have no problem with Planned Parenthood clinics in the heart of black leftist cities. Let them give out free pills in candy dispensers.

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Chaplain Bob Walker
Chaplain Bob Walker 4 days ago


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