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Black Inventors? (NOT) Feb 26, 2022

Published on 26 Feb 2022 / In Video Vault

More lies about Black so-called inventors.

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Europeanflower 3 months ago

Just wondering, do they celebrate lip plates in black history month?

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Goth88 3 months ago

The pure Blacks as found in the Congo never invented the wheel.

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Blacks like Jews are parasites. They don’t invent, they destroy and steal what Whites create and build

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3 months ago

I can't even listen to this BS.

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Beyond Infinity
Beyond Infinity 3 months ago

And you have only compared the Fake Modern History, that we get to know a "Science".
1: Light Bulb, Not even close. Light bulbs in the Pyramids 12tsd- years ago. Still existend Proof of Ancient Plasma Light, in Asia for example. https://worldtruthvideos.websi....te/watch/last-workin
2. Resistor: Georg Simon Ohm (16 March 1789 -- 6 July 1854) Your Dates are to generous to them.
3 Video Games: don´t know more. You are right from what to find.
I save my time for the Rest of the Nigger Copys. You a Correct. Only the Standard understanding of electricity/ Sound etc is Ancient old. The rest is only Stealing Ideas. Wich is fine to create.

I wonder how did the First People, find this Stuf out. They where way smarter than any of us today. Nothing before, they just observed and thought.

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Beyond Infinity
Beyond Infinity 3 months ago

🤣😂The "clothes- Drier" Wind Stick Invention. Got me Laughing

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