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Black Lives Matter and Black Contributions to Humanity explained in 1 minute

Published on 11 Jul 2022 / In Niggers

⚠🤮Warning: This video might make you vomit to death.🤮⚠ A BLM member explains Why Black lives are important than anyone elses'' lives and Black people were the greatest rulers, explorers, engineers, builders, philosophers, mathmaticians, doctors, scholars and scientists of all time.

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san_nicola 3 months ago

We wuz kangs !
We discovered Nigerica, which you whipipo call America !
We wuz Adam and all the tribes of Israel !
We invented every technologies !

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theliquidatedrabbi 5 months ago

That thumbnail...didnt realize theyd made a nigger version of Goonies...lol

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Shock 5 months ago

I didn't like the first part but I started to warm up to the plot towards the middle. The end was truly epic and totally unexpected!

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TinyCow 5 months ago

eh, could have done with about 10 seconds of it instead of a minute but ill still give it a thumbs up

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Hatbox 5 months ago

"It is interesting to note that in all of these Scriptures we find reference to a BEAST that is apparently biped (two-footed) and who can talk, riot, commit adultery, co-habit with man, work in vineyards, use his hands, wear clothing, cry unto his creator and sow his seed with other races. Those who have clearly traced this Hebrew word CHAYAH through the scriptures under the English word beast, know it is speaking of the NEGRO! If this truth were known and taught from the pulpits of American churches, it would stop the mad race towards racial suicide and mongrelization of the races dead in its tracks." (Bob Jones, Two Seedlines Ministry)

Was Joel speaking of a "beast" or field hand in Joel 2:22?

What kind of a beast do you know that wears clothing (sack-cloth) as we read in Jonah 3:8?

What kind of a beast has hands as reported in Exodus 19:13?

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