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Black Mass Murder of Whites: The murder of Karina Vetrano August 2, 2016

Published on 21 Jul 2021 / In Jewish Genocides

Jamaican Black INCEL Chanel Lewis stalks and murders 30 yr old Italian speech therapist in Queens while she was jogging. A story of FEMINIST SLAGS and out of control BLACKS. Brought to you by our good friends the fellow Whites

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NewWorldCircus 11 days ago

I love Italians.

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NewWorldCircus 11 days ago

I was at the local mall (in a blue state).

It was the weekend.
There were many people at the mall.

There was this couple.
NIGGER and white woman.

They were coming down the escalator.
The NIGGER was conversing with the white woman in a very loud voice.
Too loud for the loud mall.

"yea, he was on some bowwwwsheitttt, blah blah blahhh".

The white woman appeared completely content, and enjoying the company of this animal.

It shattered my world views.

NIGGERS are treated as humans by stupid white woman.

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Ascendaeus 11 days ago

Mass rape & murder of Whites by niggers, a race war, instituted by billionaire jews who hate the White race.

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Kofajgogsos 11 days ago

niggers are not even a species or breed , much less a Race.

They are not legally or morally entitled to any human or civil right's , much less any welfare or any other benefits.

niggers cannot use Racism as an argument against White racism because they are not a Race of Human Being.

There is only one Human Race of People on Earth : "" WHITE ADAMIC ARYAN ISRAELITE RACE ""

White's are the only People with Homogenous DNA and the only ones who are scientifically and biologically a Race.

All fake ass jews - subhuman apes - sand niggers - filthy damn asains - himalayan mongolian apes and wetbacks have non-homogenous DNA and are mongrelized bastardized incestuous inbred filth !!

It's time for this FAJ / SOS circus side show to end , once and for all !!!

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Deemax 12 days ago

Nigger crimes are grossly under represented...reporting their misadventures is "racist"...

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NewWorldCircus 11 days ago

The financial strain on our society is something that also needs to be acknowledged.

Cancers in society:

Covid-19 bullshit
Human trafficking
Jewish scum sub-humans
rising prices in housing

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