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Black on White Crime 200x Times Higher

Per-Inge Eliasson
Published on 23 Oct 2022 / In Niggers

Avoid the groid.

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Paulsmithatkins 3 months ago

There is only one possible solution now.

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_Freedom_ 3 months ago

Since 2010. Id dare say this number has 4x. So black on white crimes would be 800x higher.

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Per-Inge Eliasson
Per-Inge Eliasson 3 months ago

Probably, yes. That would be the logical conclusion.

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WhiteMiasma 3 months ago

At the very very least. Dare you say it so low.

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CelticHeart 3 months ago

In any sane and rational country, with a free press, this would be headline news.
With a tightly controlled media, run to an agenda, it would be kept hidden from the population, so as to keep them unalert, in a trance-like state: perfect sheep to the slaughter.

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XA9BILN 3 months ago

Only where there are fake ass jews is there going to be a subhuman ape and non white problem !

In the real world , all known species of plant - animal - insect - bird - reptile - tree - fish in the sea and animal live - associate - thrive - prosper - breed and proliferate with their own kind .

""KIND AFTER KIND"" Is a Biblical and Natural Law of Yahweh !!

Only in : ""WHITE NATIONS"" willl you ever see the forced integration of non white's with white people !!

This is a basic and well documented fact today - Yesterday and 7,500 years ago :{ the time when the Adamic White Race was Created }:

Why is this ??

It's the curse of Genesis 3:15 : "

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