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Black professor Tony Marin exposed the censored truth about slavery

Published on 16 Sep 2022 / In Slavery

⁣Black professor Tony Marin exposed the censored truth about slavery.

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Schutzstaffel 4 months ago

Who gives a fuck what a nigger has to say about anything?

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Verge 3 months ago

It is obviously strange that you use the word "schutzstaffel"(the name of a large national socialist organization) as the name of your channel, because the founders of National Socialist party and Schutzstaffel DID NOT hate blacks. The idea that blacks must be blindly hated HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH NATIONAL SOCIALISM. It is also worth mentioning that many blacks and other non-whites fought voluntarily and bravely alongside the National Socialists, and were treated honourably by german National Socialists. Those who misuse the words such as schutzstaffel and national socialism are in fact helpers of the ZOG system, and are used by ZOG system to further demonize the real national socialist and brainwash people. overall, such "word abusers" and fake National socialists are more useful than antifa for the ZOG system, and also more useful than anarchists for communists.

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