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Black Rapper, Wiley turns on his masters - they will all 'flip' if we show them why...

Published on 01 Aug 2020 / In Entertainment

We need to encourage them to educate their circles of influence and inform them about the Jews exploiting them and using them to start race wars - eventually they will turn on their masters.

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Raymo1 1 year ago

I dont care about this nigger.

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Bbmaddsharp11 2 years ago


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ๅๅๅ Schadenfreude ๅๅๅ

The jooISH culture is full of nasty, backward behavior. And they are a self proclaimed "chosen" people. What is more supremacist than that? Dont let them shove the holohoax down your throat as justification for them being selfish, hypocritical freaks.

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Sinfix 2 years ago

Wish more people would do this

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GHREM 2 years ago

No truthful criticism is allowed, no space to disagree. All fall victim. What happened to Bitchute...will it happen here as well? FUCK THE JEWS!

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