Blacks and Reparations - THEY Owe US! Aug 13, 2021

Published on 14 Aug 2021 / In Slavery

Good video

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Peck Erwood
Peck Erwood 10 months ago

hes just another professional politician, notice how he didnt quite take it all the way tho and instead cucked out

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GHREM 12 months ago

"Race hustlers" I'm going to use that...

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Whipsaw 12 months ago

Finally! Someone who sees the truth. These cash, money, ho, murder hypocrites have no understanding of freedom and are too stupid to realize they’ve been swinging at ghosts while ignoring their own hellish behavior! Angry at a people who had nothing to do with something they never even experienced! 388,000 slaves brought to America. 600,000 white boys died to free them! Reparations paid in full!!!! Now get up off your Godless asses and walk in truth and righteousness!!!

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