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Blacks, Slavery and Reparations, Aug 12, 2021

Published on 12 Aug 2021 / In Slavery

Let The Jews Pay

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pastprovespresent 3 months ago

First of all, many were given some money and or a parcel of land when they were released. Many didn't know how to manage it though and lost it. When you win the lottery and blow it, they don't give you a bonus. Let's talk about how rich Nigeria got off the slave trade. Then there was the country we gave them called Liberia, but many didn't want to go. They cried, so we didn't force them. Now, if somebody gives you a house and you don't like the house; It doesn't mean that they owe you another house. Then there are the countless scholarships created for them. It was Bill Cosby who gave a speech telling them that there was no reason that they couldn't make something of themselves today. I'm not crazy about Cosby, but his speech rings true.

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KMB 5 months ago

Most Of The Fucking Niggers Have Been Getting Reparations With Welfare All Their Lives The Jew Government Took Taxes From The Working Class Billions Of Dollars Given To These Worthless Crime Ridden Subhumans Who Have Never Been A Slave These Fucking Niggers And Their Jew Masters Are The Lowest Of The Low

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bannedforhatespeech 5 months ago

I'm part Irish, so where is my money at?

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DDoubleDD 5 months ago

Reparations should consist of a ride to Africa, and that's it.

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