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Blocked on My Shitchute Channel - Christchurch - A False Flag - A Psy-op or The Real Deal?

Messenger Charles
Published on 15 May 2021 / In Hoaxes / False Flags

By blocking this video, in Commie NZ and Commie Britain what are they telling us?

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TheMostBasedUser 1 month ago

12:25 We need more speedbumps like that!

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ytrebiLeurT 3 months ago

Why do these people always have such lousy cameras?

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Messenger Charles
Messenger Charles 3 months ago

Easy! To hide The Truth.

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ARYAN VIKING 4 months ago

They had put this on several News Channels in other countries at the time and I had collected the videos of each News Story but they did not show this on the News here in the United States of America. I had downloaded the Livestream video from the Wayback website and used it in a music video for a song by Centvrion. I could not think this was a real event even seeing the video but the JEWS who own all of the News Medias put out the story like it was real and we know that Jewish Crime Families owning all of the banks that issue "money" that Jews manufacture themselves out of nothing on worthless paper pays off the police to do anything a Jew tells them to do, which when you see these police talk about the event like it was real, we see another story as big a lie as their Jewish Holocaust story. Of course if every Jew on earth had of been killed in a "Holocaust" we would all be having Celebrations and Holidays, Happiness and Cheering across this entire earth. People would be singing "Hip Hip the Jew is dead" all day. But with Jews in control of the police and everything we hear in the News we know that most everything is as scripted as a Jew Hollywood movie.

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HEILHITLER1488 7 months ago


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JokerSwarm 8 months ago

The blood bag popping out the the girls sleeve then exploding as he fires at her head - woopsy

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