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(((Bolshevik))) Butchers

Published on 14 Jul 2020 / In Judaism / Talmud

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Some may call it communism but i call it what it is Judaism -Rabbi Stephen Wise. may 5 1935

Anti-Communism is Anti-Semitism.Jewish Voice, July-August 1941.

“Jews are antisocial, destructive, intolerant, mean-spirited, deceitful, et cetera. They wish to destroy, rule and kill, rob whoever gets in their way. To facilitate them getting what they want, they have developed a perverted, unnatural, destructive, evil lifestyle. Even though they live off the non-Jews as parasites, they still hate them and wish to destroy them. Jews hate nature and the natural order, because it’s pure and beautiful, and also because it’s bigger and stronger than they are, and they feel that they cannot fully control it. Nature’s beauty and harmony stands in stark contrast to their squalidness and ugliness, and that makes them hate it all the more. -Bobby Fischer.

⁣music from Lucio Fulci Zombie

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HStheNS 1 year ago

what every jew looks like to me

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RobertCoxswain 1 year ago

Release the Kraken?

“If you remember the original ‘Alien’ movie, the alien goes inside of the person, and it’s like inside the person’s chest, and it’s growing and growing and growing, and then all of a sudden it pops out of the chest,” Ver said. “I see cryptocurrencies like that for the traditional banking system and legacy financial systems. They’re growing inside and they’re going to integrate directly with them, but at some point they’re just going to pop out and everything’s going to be crypto.”

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UninformedConsent 2 years ago

This is the history they don't like being discussed or taught.

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HStheNS 2 years ago

indeed. that is what my chanel is about

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