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Bonehead Decided To Try And Pet A Tiger In A Florida Zoo, Tiger Decided It Was Human Sushi Day

Published on 06 Apr 2022 / In Uncategorized

What a dumbass... and the cop that shot the tiger... SMH.

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Joe Lowsac
Joe Lowsac 24 days ago

We'd be better off letting the tiger eat any adult dumb enough to put their hand in a tiger's cage.

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CaligulaWasRight81 8 months ago

Had he given the tiger a black baby or bloody rare steak to eat first... he deserves this. Animals should be free in Africa just like the blacks and their protectors should be. Let animals eat them. Poaching should be illegal, and if we had a real Nato, they'd go save the Boers and the endangered animals from black savages who have to cheat to win. They shot the tiger though? I hate people. It's like killing a shark or gator who eats a human who comes on his land. Vlad Tepes was right about how he impaled all those hordes of Muslims who were entering his land killing his people. Mexico could be solved quickly... 500,000 illegal heads on sticks with a few totally impaled bodies(they could have died from natural causes, never let a good corpse go to waste, ya know.) And tigers like this let loose... armed men of course, but I really like the idea of us creating a moat since they like the water so well, but that water is full of alligators! Sadly... the wrong living creature died. The white crackhead should also be used for tiger food.

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Paulsmithatkins 8 months ago

Sorry you lost your arm dip shit, here's a band aid.

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happyapple4 8 months ago

It's a crime that a beautiful and wild animal is spending his/her life in a cage. If that was me (and I'm not even wild) and someone had me locked up in a cage, when I got a chance I'd take a bite out of someone too.

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Dan1987 1 month ago

Yes, I completely agree with you. I hate zoos, it is really a crime to lock such a magnificent creature and predator in a cage...that bunch of muscles and strength that needs a huge territory where they can rule and hunt.
And then people go to look at those beautiful imprisoned creatures in cages, and in fact those imprisoned creatures are a reflection in the mirror of themselves who are also live in a cage without even realizing it.

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frogman 8 months ago

Based on his appearance, must be a crackhead!!

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