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Book Report | The Invention of the Jewish People

Published on 20 Aug 2022 / In Uncategorized

⁣Book Report | The Invention of the Jewish People

Truth in History
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mikaowx3 3 months ago (edited)

What was this brickhead just talking about? Funny how christians have absolutely no concept of them having been duped by a mythological superhero; who BTW was a jewish rabbi and the alleged Paul, a jew who purpotedly was an illustrious person of his time yet no historical record exists to prove his existence other than religious peeps rantings about him.
They call Paul's and Peter's speeches "the Lord's speeches" and it escapes their perceptions that the jews have fooled them into this christian paradigm.
Well those peeps really are like cattle as the jews call them waiting for the jew to tell them what to do.

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HereAmI 3 months ago

The jews began when Satan fornicated with Eve, and she liked it.

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