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Published on 14 May 2023 / In Immigration
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Spectralwulf 14 days ago (edited)

I wonder if it would do any good to call the Texas Rangers and report the crimes being committed? That could at least get what's happening on a legal record, though Owen's viral footage could have an effect. All those who bitch about the flaws of Infowars should at least appreciate when they do great on the ground reporting like this. It lays bare the open treason and demographic warfare waged against the USA. I don't need to see what's happening at the border since my local community now has bean-people wandering around everywhere after being quietly settled in over the winter by Catholics and the local Big Agriculture wanting cheap laborers. The Church seems to smuggle them in and feed them until Big Ag gives them jobs and housing. When the colonizers first came, the Catholics kept them hidden from the public with food trucks arriving late at night and most keeping out of sight. A friend of mine living nearby noticed an Hispanic child had run away from the illegal alien sanctuary and was being chased down the street by a man, beaten and herded back with brutal kicks until my friend yelled out his window and threatened to come down after the child abuser - something like "You kick that kid down again and I'm fuckin you up!"

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Hatbox 15 days ago

I can't watch them all because they're so upsetting.

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