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Harry Knowledge123
Published on 11 Jun 2022 / In Covid 19 84 / HoloCough

⁣This Is Some Weird Sh!t.. Boxer Becomes Disorientated Mid-fight and Starts Swinging at Fresh Air, He Collapsed in the Ring and Later Died of a 'Brain Bleed' Injury, Is This Just Another Cover-up of the Massive Amounts of Athletes Dying From the Vaccines.. And Yes I Am Aware Its Quite Possible a Boxer Suffers a Brain Bleed but Allegedly He Was Winning the Fight With Ease and Hadn't Taken Many Blows During the Fight, These Athletes Dropping in Massive Numbers Needs to Be Scrutinized but Who at This Stage Will Be Doing That ? Reiner Fuellmich and His Nothing Burger Mock Trials ? I Doubt It.
Report: A South African boxer who was the subject of a disturbing viral video has died.
Simiso Buthelezi died Tuesday due to internal bleeding from a brain injury suffered during a WBF All Africa title bout Sunday at a Starline Boxing Promotions event in Greyville, Durban, South Africa. Regulatory body Boxing South Africa (BSA) announced the news Wednesday in a joint statement with the boxer’s family
Buthelezi was in a medically-induced coma prior to his death. He was 24 years old.
A video of Buthelezi’s final boxing bout caught a lot of attention when it went viral for its scary and unusual nature. After he knocked his opponent down and nearly through the ropes, a disoriented Buthelezi turned his attention toward a corner post as he swung wildly in the air. It was a shockingly confusing moment for everyone involved and the bout was waived off by the referee.
“Towards the end of his bout, Mr. Buthelezi collapsed and was taken to hospital and it was discovered at the hospital that he suffered a brain injury which resulted in internal bleeding. Mr. Buthelezi was given the best care possible but he however succumbed to the injury last night as aforesaid.”
It is unclear when or how Buthelezi suffered the fatal injuries.
There wasn’t anything untoward in the fight and in training,” Buthelezi’s trainer Bheki Mngomezulu told News24. “He was leading the fight on points before the unfortunate incident occurred. I really can’t explain what happened, to be honest. It was bewildering, but in his training and in the build-up to the fight, there was nothing untoward with regards to his condition. He was in good nick before the fight.”
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adogwithabone 2 months ago

a bit similar to this dude

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wiking 2 months ago

Its scary how one minute everything seems normal, and people look healthy and fully functional.. And then the next minute all of a sudden they are dying real fast... They are talking about the next lockdown, the next pandemic... Mass vaxx death incoming fellas...

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Bond0077 2 months ago

i reckon that hydra reached his 3rd eye

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ConorMcCormack 2 months ago

Boxing, another bullshit reason for the jews to put blacks full of ped's on a pedestal

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Harry Knowledge123
Harry Knowledge123 2 months ago

of course. the jew knows exactly what hes doing, hes known for hundreds of years, hes got his plan and hes carrying it out.

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Bond0077 2 months ago

@Harry Knowledge123: there is no escape from his influence it seems. my emf meter is reading dangerous from shoulder height upward everywhere in the flat i live in, increasing to 5x over at ceiling level. along with that, my electricity bill is more than double what it should be. indicating that i am paying for my own radiation exposure. in my home country, England. Snooper's Charter, to spy on terrorists from Al Queada. over 20 years of it now.

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