I am pleased to announce Ral9010NatSoc & Victory Or Valhall as Admins here at WTV, Both are trusted friends and Fair men of Honor and Loyalty. I will be adding in some Female moderators to help out with the women here at WTV very soon. I have heard murmurs of women being harassed and stalked here at WTV and I won't have it. Also I will be announcing a new platform soon as well as some rule changes here at WTV, Danke

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Brandon Martinez Supports LGBT - and gives his reason. It's a good punchline. Wait for it!

Published on 22 Jun 2022 / In Homo / LGBTQP Agenda


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they had us in the first half

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RunningMan1986 2 days ago

Get rekt nigger!

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J Peterman
J Peterman 2 days ago

Mic drop!!!

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Dan1987 2 days ago

The goal of “parasitic infection” is to equalize and mix all the races in the world. To create an obedient and hybrid breed of man that they will be able to control with the help of "technology" and artificial intelligence. The wellspring of that infection needs to be found and destroyed.
There is a lot of useful information in the "background of everything" but (((they))) persistently do everything to keep people away from that spiritual space by occupying their minds with imposed material problems.
I'm just guessing, maybe I'm wrong 🙂

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momento 2 days ago

You're not wrong. Esp the bit about material problems = distractions.

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TheBlueMule 2 days ago


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