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Brown Retard Claims He's White Then Shills for BLM & Negro Privilege

Published on 12 Dec 2020 / In News & Politics
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pastprovespresent 3 months ago

You need to arm yourself with facts otherwise you are just reinforcing what the Marxists told him. The oldest Native American remains and artifacts that they can find have European DNA. The ManDan tribe was Caucasian. Also, there is reason to believe the Alogonquin tribe was Caucasian as well. All along the Eastern Seaboard are artifacts, arrowheads dating to 19k years ago with a mineral content matching France. That would mean that they made the tools and weapons in France and brought them with them, most likely by boat. In the area of Michegan, there were over 100 copper mines fueling the bronze age. This is thanks to the Phonecians who left many inscriptions carved into stone including the name of our God, YHWH.
So the next time one of these brainwashed numbskulls talks about the rights of Native Americans. Let them walk into it. Then agree with them and provide them with the evidence. You will get farther if you can find a way to agree with them. Disarm them, then you might have a shot of shaking them into awareness.
The White Native Americans

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I hope that guy gets his vaxx... I recommend it. Some people are beyond reaching, so get the vaxxx!!! No matter what facts, sites, historic evidence not just claims, statistics, references, sources, Actual Video Footage.
They will have a argument for all, they will deny facts= not looking into sites, sources, historic evidence= believing what they have been told the truth was since birth= denying any actual narrative that denies there claim, NO matter the claim.

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a1z2e3 7 months ago

Excellent video ! Long live MP !!

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EuropeanTruth 8 months ago

Brother. Thank you for your work, I find it extremely entertaining. I've seen some excellent arguments from Jason Kohne, who runs the YT channel "No White Guilt" and the website The website is in the middle of being rebuilt after an anti white attack, so his most recent shows are on YT or on "Spreaker" for download. He wrote the book "Go Free" which is basically an instruction guide on how to absolutely obliterate ALL arguments of anti whites, no matter which way they try to twist and slither. I'd heavily recommend the book, but if you would rather sample his work, listen to the shows first. I've made major changes in my life since coming across his work, and our beautiful little girl was born, in part thanks to Jason's work. I come away from EVERY SINGLE interaction as the absolute victor, when using the arguments set forth by Jason, and the community for White well being. Anyway, thank you for your work, I KNOW you will find some value in Jason's work, even if you may not agree with everything he says, or his style or whatever, that's been the situation for me anyway. Cheers good Brother. Merry Christmas.

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Sherry Beme
Sherry Beme 8 months ago

You can almost see the panic on the faces of blacks and immigrants when whites suggest separation.

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