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Buying from Toyota means you're a Nazi!

Published on 10 Nov 2021 / In People & Blogs

from twitter
At least I'm not a nazi!!

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Prowhite 9 hours ago

Nazis BUY their trucks from Toyota while Toyota gives their trucks to ISIS for free!

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IdahoBen 22 days ago

What's left? Ford donated 100 million to black live matter...GMC donated a large sum to them as well. I have not heard anything about Dodge.

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Bill 22 days ago

Nazi, proud of it. That man should watch Europa.

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Spectralwulf 22 days ago

He sounds like an Aussie. The policies of a Toyota dealership in Australia has little to do with Toyota corporation itself. Toyota can't change Australia's draconian covid policies imposed on businesses. The owner of the dealership must be a diaper-faced covid cunt that doesn't deserve the man's business anyway. All businesses that won't accommodate and instead discriminate against maskless pure-bloods deserve to be harassed or sued. They should suffer consequences for being treacherous, cowardly pricks of the system.

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Messenger Charles
Messenger Charles 22 days ago

Toyota are the motherfuckers that were supplying (((ISIS))) through the US State Department with their trucks. So this comes as no surprise. The bloke is an ignorant know-nothing numbskull.

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