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By White people for White people.

Savage Travis
Published on 30 Aug 2019 / In Non-profits & Activism
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2 years ago

Savage from the butshoots,,,,,,, his content rocks.....wimens hear him speak and get wet, and then they ,get pregnant .I was going to pesonely adopt. One of his basterd children ,if one became available, however ,them being born with a, bane mask, can be disconserting at first ,sum moylling ,from your local blood liableest will reveal. A perfect little pit bull terror face underneath. Also think of the grains achieved by crossing a ,Tiny female savage stray, with a kit, or even better a Doom Guard pup .just fucking imagine it for a moment, my W N brethren .its tiny glistening helmet and teeth ,as it exploded from its dead, Latino mothers belly, its little woed blue arms stabin and chocking at the cheto and mounting due incrusted neck beaded stepfather. As its pearcingly steely fair. Eyes scream ,trrumfently ,death to race traitors, all you ethno states belong to me.

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