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Cafe Rampage - BLM's Revenge on Whites For Not Displaying Sufficient Solidarity With BLM

Published on 25 Nov 2021 / In Niggers

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BLM is a terrorist organization.

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ShortieLeeroy 8 days ago

I will never understand why white people support blm after being told they don´t belong,or get bricks thrown through their windows.Retarded brainwashed leeches maybe.

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ScreamingInSilence 8 days ago

Spoilt Brats!

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Spectralwulf 9 days ago (edited)

There is a historical precedent to explain what these "Black Guards" are doing. It was called the "Red Guard" of Mao's Cultural Revolution. The communists empowered the State-sanctioned "revolutionaries" to destroy the old nation by terrorizing it's people and tearing down all it's symbols. It's amazing how they can twist the minds of young/stupid people to believe they are revolutionaries while serving the totalitarian system that takes their freedoms away.

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ScreamingInSilence 8 days ago

I've said it a few times. They fail to see they are fighting For the same monster they are trying to destroy.

It's almost a shit script for a low budget dystopian sci fi mini series... But it's real life. lol.

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WhiteNight 9 days ago

there is no mercy nor sorry attitude toward white folks that do NOT understand the race matter

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GottMitUns 9 days ago

They will destroy shops, cafes and restaurants were they live and then when none reopen and they have nothing they will be they first to moan and then want the evil white man to rebuild it for them.

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Soldiergoy 8 days ago


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