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California votes to pay reparations

Published on 09 May 2022 / In Slavery

⁣Historic vote on reparations for Black Americans in California
⁣A California reparations task force voted that only descendants of Black slaves who were living in the United States during the 19th century would receive compensation.

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Madeline Mardigan
Madeline Mardigan 9 days ago

They want to give it to all blacks for past present and future oppression

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TheDeb69 11 days ago

They have a reperations committee started in High Point, NC. Even with this, this will not satisfy them

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Schmetterling 12 days ago

America will be insolvent soon so good luck collecting on your payday.

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Soldiergoy 12 days ago

There's more than 40 acres in liberia

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Bill 12 days ago

Like them shmoos have hereditary records proving they be ex alaves n sheet.
What bee environmental racism ?

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