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Call These Kikes 1-800-201-8787

Published on 30 Oct 2022 / In Jewish Question


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UncleSemantic 5 months ago

The racket will continue cause the stupid amerikan masses pity and vote for these traitor kikesuckers who WORSHIP the jews (who hate their guts, more than a few have told me so), give unlimited money, weapons, sickening praise and protection. In 100 years there’ll still be β€œholocaust survivors” reaching out their bloody paws for more of your money to steal, kids to rape, and families (assuming there’s any left) to lie into war for pissrael or give to marauding niggers to butcher to jehovah.

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GlitterFinch 5 months ago

They're using Bible scripture in the backround image to make Christians feel bad for them. 😑
Fuck these kikes.

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DeathToJWO 5 months ago


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DDoubleDD 5 months ago

Having a job with payroll with-holdings means we are already giving too much to those bloodsuckers.

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Southern Rebel
Southern Rebel 5 months ago

Exactly they can take some of the billions in aide we fork over to Israehell every year to feed these nasty kike whores as if the even need it fucking disgraceful pandering little hat wearing pieces of shit

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milhouse 5 months ago

intergenerational trauma passes on the holohoax to their gradkids it is the lie that keeps on giving

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DDoubleDD 5 months ago

I saw a female jew refer to herself as a "4th generation holocaust survivor".

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Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest


Lol!!!!! So would I be a first generation genocide survivor?

Oh! Wait! I forgot, there is no White genocide! Silly me! Lol!

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