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Published on 13 Oct 2021 / In Bible / Sermons

⁣Grace Evangelical Society

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Stop5G 10 days ago

If it is on JewTube, it is a lie. Ever notice who JewTube never bans any of the Religions? I know talking to you Christians is pointless. Why? Cause Christianity is a Luciferian contract. You ain't ever getting out of it.

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Stop5G 10 days ago

LMAO: My dad used to teach this shit. What does John 8:44 say? Never trust a Jew to tell the truth. That applies in particular to Jew John Calvin.
Kiddo? Don't you get it? Jesus is not a real person.
There is zero evidence the man ever existed.
Even the 'time' of the Bible never existed. There was no time when there was peace between the Romans & the Jews.
There is no evidence in history or artifacts or anything else of anyone in all of history ever being crucified.
Even the crucifixion is symbolic of the crucifixion of the mind.
The willingness to abandon what you've been taught and to learn anew.
There is no time in history when the man (Jesus) could have existed.
To be worshiping something that does not exist that never existed.
Is just insanity.
He ain't coming down from the sky to rescue you.
There is no one to accept into your heart.
That is the lie of the Church whether it be the Catholic Church or any other Church.


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Freedom 10 days ago (edited)

God chooses us, and then we choose God through faith in Jesus. It isn't 100% election or 100% free will. Only the elect have the choice of free will. Read Matthew 22 parable and let it sink in. Not all were invited, and those outside were only invited after the invited people chose not to come. Our names can be written in the Lambs Book of Life from the foundation of the world and still be blotted out of that back on our own choices. Rev 3:5 “He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels.”

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