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Canada & The WJC: Upping the AntiSemitism Business

Published on 02 Dec 2020 / In HoloHoax / WW1 & WW2

Hey, everyone.
Hope you’ve all been managing ok.
This is something VERY new happening here in Canada; felt the need to share with you all.
Stay safe everyone; remember you ARE loved. <3



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JeffHenry 6 months ago

First of all, the True Hebrew Name Adam Means reddish or ruddy complexion. Whites are the only People on this Earth. Who can show blood in the face. That is not to say that some of the interbred peoples won't display some white characteristics and Blush from time to time. Second, Adam was not a sixth (6) day creation. He was not mentioned in Genesis until after the seventh (7) day rest, and The Father YAHWEH breathed a spirit into His Nostril. Not mentioned with the sixth (6) day creations Third, The Father YAHWEH was so careful to make Eve just like Adam that He Extracted a DNA Curve or a Rib from Adam to create Her. Fourth Eve did not Bite an apple. She laid down with lucifer, And when YAHWEH came to them, He asked, "What is it that You have done" ? And told lucifer, "I will put enmity between You and The Woman and between Your seed and Her seed". Fifth, This establishes lucifer has offspring. Cain was lucifer's physical offspring. Cain is not mentioned in Genesis 5 under Adam's lineage. In fact He has his own detailed in Genesis 4. Sixth, Cain murders Abel, and The Father YAHWEH sends him out from the garden with a mark, possibly the hooked nose, the big ears. But Cain takes a wife. No other Adamic People exist at this time, So Cain took a Sixth (6) day creation wife in the land of Nod, A Non White bred with Cain to produce the satanic seed line of Edom or modern jewry. YAHSHUA The Christ tells the Edomite so-called jews very plainly just Who they are in John 8. Very telling that whenever the word synagogue is mentioned in the The Book, It is referred to as "The synagogue of satan". And there is More evidence available. His sheep do love Him. I do and I will Hear His truth. He who has eyes to see and ears to hear will see and hear this TRUTH. Adam was not a jew, Abraham was not a jew, David was not a jew, And YAHSHUA The Christ or YAHWEH in the flesh Most Certainly was not a jew Woe to You pastors and ministers and priests who have not and do not share this Truth with Your Congregations. White Adamic Peoples, Embrace Your Heritage as The True Hebrew/Israelite People of The Almighty YAHWEH. [show less]

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milhouse 8 months ago

jews declare war on germany:

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