Canadian Vlogger Stefan Molyneux Asks a Jewish Guy about Immigration to Israel

Published on 07 Apr 2022 / In Israel / Zionism
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shane127 3 months ago

bit of truth from dews,i dont trust dews

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TheEveryman777 3 months ago

This is the guy who says all kinds of stuff about how the Jews have smarter brains than the rest of us... He always suck jew cock when he's with Jordan Peterson. Still good point, but fuck this guy.

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ytrebiLeurT 3 months ago

Yes I agree with you but a little truth is at least a little truth even if it comes from a Jew who thinks Jews have smarter brains which definitely can't be the case, Jews are good deceivers and thieves in my view but that's by definition not intelligence per se yet it is part of intelligence but monkeys or other animals do the same thing the jews don't have to think that this kind of their intelligence would put them above all others because we non-jews see through everything...

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