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Captain Pugwash Episode 04 (Mouse Amidships)

Published on 02 Mar 2021 / In Film & Animation
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apekillerX 7 months ago

Usually those old wooden ships had huge rats not mice. I am originally from the Chicagoland area and remember getting fuel at a gas station by the Loop on Lake Shore Drive :( LSD ): and saw what looked like a bunch of mutts congregating in an alley , but upon closer examination discovered them to be gargantuan river rats ; that were over 4 feet in length , excluding their eerie tails ! There were dozens of them , all fighting over a pile of garbage they drug out from behind a restaurant . You could hear them screaming and banging into trash cans and the high pitched howls when they viciously bit and masticated their fellow rats ! It looked like something out of the middle ages ! I quickly ran back to my truck , when those megalithic river rats spotted me approaching and gave chase !! The whole nest of rats began a stampede that shook the ground below and startled customers at the gas station ! Then panic set in and people ran on foot , as the horde of colossal beasts were pathologically driven to attack the living !! I managed to escape with only minor injuries and shock !!

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Nemesis 7 months ago

Very funny lol

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