Car Show At Lincoln County Fairgrounds 10-22-22

Published on 23 Oct 2022 / In Cars & Vehicles

I walked into a car show at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds today and recorded everything I saw. I had only stepped out of the house to record a dozen buzzards in my neighbors front yard and thought the weather would be cold so I was in my longjohns. Across the schoolyard I could see vehicles going into the Fairgrounds so I walked over to see what was going on. I was overdressed because it was actually a hot day. I was carrying a camcorder into an event where people were walking all around me. I pointed the camera downward or away from people as best I could. There were speakers giving away prizes for the best looking vehicles and music playing, old car parts were on display for sale and even one of the old cars had a For Sale sign. It was a good thing I didn't take Cujo with me because there was a big dog there that looked like a fighter.

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Lingonet 8 days ago

Worst film i ever seen! EVER!

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