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CATCHUP 'n' MUSTER. 002. Funny But

jbl .
Published on 10 Oct 2022 / In Comedy

002. Things are so bad, we just have to laugh.

Special guest: Thomas Jefferson

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SarahPerry 4 months ago

Early bone discoveries of giants in North America were lost when sent to the Smithsonian. -
Happy Columbus Day!

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jbl .
jbl . 4 months ago

Thanks, Sarah.
For all readers: Not only giants. Many skeletons OBVIOUSLY not "American Indian" mongoloids. Many skeletons OBVIOUSLY White/European, many of which were older than any mongoloid skeletons found. In the 1800s, the "American Indians" openly told White scientists, researchers, and writers that the indians had no idea who built the great mounds and other notable structures. I've read many of their books from the 1800s now in free pdf form. But the Smithsonian and the rest of the jew-controlled science, media, academic, and government agencies pretend that the reported and documented absolute proof doesn't exist, and they immediately pounce on and hide new discoveries that don't fit their anti-White agenda.

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