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jbl .
Published on 13 Oct 2022 / In Comedy

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RossdeB 4 months ago

Dear Jim,
I am surprised the you have not have a discussion with Jim Rizoli; "HT" may not know of your existence, but would be won-over by your depth of contextual knowledge, previous output and conviction!

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jbl .
jbl . 4 months ago

Thank you for your comment and support.
In regard to Jim Rizoli, I will try to be brief and say just part of why I wouldn't want to talk with him. Meanwhile, since he does a good job against the jews' holohoax, I have refrained from targeting him in my prepared works.

Two days ago, I stumbled across a video, apparently very recent, of Rizoli with John De Nugent and AN INVITED JEW who they both defended and fawned over and treated as an expert! I could only stand several minutes of it.

If you want to see how bad it is, I found it here:

What dupes they are. What disastrous ignorance. What destructive stupidity. They love their "good jews."

Of course, I have known Jim Rizoli was this bad for several years since he did that video with "Jews For Hitler" on youtube upon which I have reported before. In that video, the jew asked the other guests, including Rizoli, if they would kill any jews. Rizoli said no he wouldn't. Also, the freak Brian Ruhe was on that show and said he, too, would NOT kill any jews.

By "HT," do you mean Handsome Truth? He praised a few of my shows a couple of years ago and put them in the "featured" category on GoyimTV. If I remember correctly, he or Ned invited me to be on the show, but at that time it was quite cartoonish and outlandish so I politely declined. I haven't seen any of his recent shows. And posting videos on GTV became so difficult for a while (and maybe still is), that I quit trying. That was back in the months in the wake of WorldTruthVideos' change from .org to .website . Also, through that period, Bitchute became almost impossible for me to get a video to post. I mention this because GTV could post a video by way of a Bitchute link.

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SarahPerry 4 months ago

Some works of John de Nugent's include "Ruling Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia and Turkey’s Kemalist/Ataturk establishment are “Doenmeh” Jews" and "Half-jew Lyndon Johnson was surrounded by full-jews when he ordered the USS Liberty mass murder — one jew (Arthur Krim) lent him his own wife for sex" and other stories at

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SarahPerry 4 months ago (edited)

Good choice in Hitler's bust - green tie goes well. Most people don't know, but not Hitler - he knows about John de Nugent's reincarnation in Hitler.
Jeff Daugherty had an interview with Jim Rizoli and included quotes from Hitler on his feelings of Christianity - Trojan Horse of the jews. -

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jbl .
jbl . 4 months ago

Thanks, Sarah.
To be clear, John de Nugent has done some good work but suffers mental challenges, such as his asinine claims that he is a reincarnation, and that he is a reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.

Anyone can get the right idea about Mr. Hitler on Christianity by reading the free pdf files of the books "Hitler's Table Talks" and Dietrich Eckart’s book of conversations with Mr. Hitler titled "BOLSHEVISM FROM MOSES TO LENIN: DIALOGUE BETWEEN ADOLF HITLER AND ME." They serve as original sources. And of course, there's "Mein Kampf," completing the triumvirate.

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