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CATCHUP 'n' MUSTER. 004. Dogs, Hitler, and God

jbl .
Published on 22 Oct 2022 / In Comedy

00⁣4. In Japanese, the number four is “shi,” but that also means “death.” Thus, the Japanese often avoid sets of four.

In this death set of Catchup ‘n’ Muster, the final featured guests are Adolf Hitler and God. Both oblige us by speaking in English, not their native tongues.

By the way, “shi” is pronounced the same as the English “she.”

The Japanese don’t call their language “Japanese.” They call it “Nihongo.” “Nihon” is their, correct, name for their country. And the “go” essentially means “language.”

People who never study a foreign language have no idea of the field of knowledge that such study brings to light.

People who never study yet another foreign language have no idea of the field of knowledge that comparing foreign languages brings to light.


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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 2 months ago

Job- Hey man , you are correct about a lot
I checked some old videos you commented on
Your right about something I disagreed with

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jbl .
jbl . 2 months ago

Thanks for the compliment.
But are you calling me a mythical bible name, "Job"?

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 2 months ago

@jbl .: ya ok
Just a reference point
I remember hearing a few of your vids
Your a smart guy and must have put some time into research before giving opinion.
We are in dire straits here , with this jew shit
Oddly Dire Straights is a jew band.

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adc321 3 months ago

Is this the work of the genuine James or that of an imposter?
If its the work of the genuine James, what planet is on which would make him wish to confuse the goy more than the jews do?

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jbl .
jbl . 3 months ago

The genuine James. That's me.

HOW does this work by me "confuse the goy more than the jews do"?

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 2 months ago

@jbl .:
You where correct about something we had talked about over a year ago

The subliminal messages in theta dream are a Christian Zionist exchange of information to get support for the Noahide agendas

I know something about this
I checked facts
This amelech
And America
The Jesus Christ they worship is not what they think
It’s consent to give rabbinical arbitrary authority to the collective tribe or diaspora
The kellypot
Kabbalah Zohar Sabbatien doctrine

Now these free masons are mercenaries and gather support or force it
The 501c3
Vatican 2
Any organized religion will also at its foundation and bottom line
Support the JWO

After watching how jew terrorist acted in Russia, England and Germany
One can see the connection

The Bible—a
Amalgamation of folk lore from Northern European nations,Persian /Mesopotamia poetry and Greek mythology is beautiful in its essence,however
Parleys the Christian people into being subservient bondslaves togodschosen people

Sorry long comment
Beyond - in book of Enoch- there is a Gott Mit Uns
Maybe a real source of faith

My point
Law-the collective responsibility and consciousness is guided by a particular group - manipulation and spiritual warfare are real.
We lost
And no help is forthcoming

They have immunity from criminal prosecution
To take over the Goyim

Ya saw this
And I wasted years thinking that they are good or correct and I was bad

I’m still bad
But they are not who they are pretending to be

Now they hide behind regulations and environmentalism
Safety and efficiency

They won
I cannot win this
Nor comply
It’s truly a bad situation
Worse than a Hobson choice

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jbl .
jbl . 2 months ago

@Richard Strach: Thanks, again, for the compliment. But I have not discussed "subliminal messages in theta dream," nor would I. My favorite of your statements:
"Any organized religion will also at its foundation and bottom line support the JWO."

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 2 months ago

@jbl .: it’s true
These fuckers seem to always be one step ahead
they are not that smart
They make mistakes- big mistakes
And bounce back
I assume this is a source of power ? Someone or something is putting them back on track each time.

Now - free mason told me
Noahide- good
But that is contrary to Jesus
He said - mason got Jews under control… ya ya ya
I see the symbology in The Kenesset Kourt in Tel Aviv
He don’t directly understand the implications of The Supreme Court in England
Talmud court
Samuel levin- judge

A Cohen and levin - bloodline related to Pharisee

All world leaders claim bloodline related to king Herod
First responders global IDF training
Heros Program

They are more integrated than masons and have their own gutter pâtés- language
And germatrai

So the point is
This Talmud court
Coin currency
Declare war
Issue national charters
Lic Corporations

Thru British FCS banking regulatory commission has jurisdiction over iMF , FED AND US DOJ

Yet very little information is known about these two powerful organizations

They inter married and practice racial miscegenation
Free masons and Jews

We , beasts - bond servants are slaves to free masons- cops , local gov and Fortune 500

We get our dose of miscegenation they their immigration program and financial strategies
Factory moves to Asia
Asians move to East Indian
East Indian to England and so on
The blood becomes mixed

Free mason brags of God - Jesus
Yet this miscegenation is irreparable and bastardized the bloodlines forever as the darker is more dominant
And KALERGIE knows it
Who is kalergie, but the amelech plan
Yet they claim bloodline related to king Herod
And king Herod is bloodline to king Solomon and Solomon wives are Canaanite Edomite- star of remphan, molech
Amelech defacto

The original sin - miscegenation
Family tree fruit
Serpent seed

I’m not pushing Bible
I’m saying there are definitely pattern and warnings that we know to be true

Sorry long comment important topic
Only one legitimate legal authority and jurisdiction can exist in THEIR World

I can’t do this free mason bullshit
Self emulate by slow indirect tactics with plausible deniability.

It’s very articulate and counter intuitive
Paradoxically design
Russia 1848
Germany 1880
Odd / they call it Faith
I call it something else
🛸? 🤔

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adc321 3 months ago


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