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Celebrate Hate NOT DIEversity

Published on 25 Nov 2021 / In Comedy / Animation

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The Nazis burnt books for a reason.

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Dani 8 days ago

What a disgusting JOKE. You know damned well they had to have offered incentives for these LOSERS posing as "authors" to write these degenerate, non-child friendly WASTES of books. I hope these are not actually being read to children - I'd like to think the white children old enough to read well would not even be remotely interested in picking up any of these books to read because they know homosexuality and the trans crap is WRONG.

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pater409 9 days ago

Fuck the hook-nosed, rat-faced, filth-peddling, child-raping JEW COWARD FAG conception of diversity.

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Konigtiger1945 9 days ago

Yep burn that shit..and the authors/illustrators

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pater409 9 days ago

The authors and illustrators must be alive but black and blue all over when they are tossed into the flames.

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