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Harry Knowledge123
Published on 29 Aug 2021 / In 911

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This Documentary Will Change Your World. This Is the Ultimate 9/11 Red Pill Part III. Following on From the Success of Its Predecessors and to Commemorate the Disastrous Event 20 Years Later We Will Explore the Catastrophic Ramifications of 9/11, We Will Further Examine Some of the Key Players, Certain Names Will Be Familiar, Others Less So, but Guilty All the Same. We Put a Spotlight on the Devastating Wars That Followed 9/11 and the Bloodthirsty Neo-con Regime of the Era, Abundant Zionist Connections, the Nations Smashed in Bogus Wars and the Civilians Slaughtered.. Which Is to Be Estimated in the Millions, at the Very Least. We Focus on the Deceivers, Crooks, Tycoons and Traitors Who Attached Themselves to the Furore of 9/11 and the Well Remunerated Business Interests, Power Jostling, Corruption and Venality That Was Clearly Involved. How Did America Arrive at 9/11 ? We Take a Journey Back in Time and Put the Pieces of That Puzzle Together, We Investigate the Dark Occultic Magic at the Root of 9/11 and How the Masses Were to Be Pre-programmed for the Attacks Decades Prior. This Documentary Will Tear at Your Heart and Make Your Head Spin, It Will Infuriate Yet Inform You. Do You Want to Fully Comprehend the Magnitude of 9/11 ? Then This Documentary Is NOT to Be Missed.

Prologue: Red Rain, White-striped Towers and a Clear Blue Sky, It Was Like America's Flag Exploded Everywhere That Day
Running Time - 05:28

Chapter I - September 11th 2001 the Day Our World Changed
Running Time - 50:27

Chapter II - Christine Todd Whitman Jezebel in the Flesh
Running Time - 1:12:27

Chapter III - Where Were You Rudy Giuliani ?
Running Time - 1:28:01

Chapter IV - Liars Deceivers Betrayers and Fraudsters
Running Time - 2:31:05

Chapter V - George 'Dubya' Bush Lied Millions Died
Running Time - 1:28:44

Chapter VI - Benjamin Netanyahu the Man Who Hates America
Running Time - 1:17:52

Chapter VII - The Journey From 1776 to 9/11
Running Time - 1:57:07

Chapter VIII - The Satanic and Kabbalistic Roots of 9/11
Running Time - 3:28:28

Chapter IX - The Self Proclaimed 'Greatest Ally'
Running Time - 1:48:08

Chapter X - Pre Programming the World for 9/11
Running Time - 1:12:48

Epilogue: To All Those Truly Behind 9/11, May You One Day Have Mercy on Your OWN Soul
Running Time - 17:08

Creator/Produced by: Harry_knowledge123
Assistant/Audio: Hal Gazut
Genre: Film Documentary
Language: English
Release Date: August 2021
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Colour: Colour
Running Time: 17 Hours 37 Minutes 54 Seconds (17:37:54)

Thumbnail art: Media Giant -

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a1z2e3 1 year ago

Excellent didactic video on fucking filthy communist, genocider, fascist, fraud, racist, psychopath & sexual pervert named Karl Heinrich MARX (Marx’s Jewish name is Chaim Hirschel Mordechai) !!!
Communism or Judaism is " The Most Genocidal Form of Government of All-Time " !
From 1917-2021 the fucking jewish commies killed 275 000 000 innocents (children, women, men ..) !!

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a1z2e3 1 year ago


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JobForAWhiteboy 1 year ago

At 27:03 What In The Fuck

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NewWorldEbola 1 year ago

fuck jew york shitty... niggers and kikes everywhere.

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