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Charissa Thompson Nudes Leaked (Fox Sports Anchor)

Published on 17 Nov 2019 / In Entertainment

Charissa Thompson is a 37 year old Television Host for various sports and drama outlets. She's worked at "Extra", "ESPN", and is currently employed at Fox Sports Live. She claims to be a proud christian, but I'm beginning to doubt that considering her leaked photos!

This is a quick vlog with my opinions on this controversy. Bottom line - people can only hurt you when you're vulnerable. Taking those photos, makes you vulnerable. Don't do it.

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TheDemonKing 1 day ago

Oh my god a naked woman!
Oh noes she took naked pictures of herself Jewsus would not approve

I guess you Christcucks are so gay,and you want dick so much that you just can't stand the idea of a naked woman!
How dare all of us straight men keep a dark,sinful desire in our hearts to see women naked! Isn't it so evil and wicked of us that we actually want to see attractive women naked!
maybe we should just put them all in Burka's and Hijabs so that way none of us wicked straight men will be able to look at a woman and have "sinful thoughts"
Do you think I should rip both my eyes out of my head because I've looked at naked women like Jewsus says I should do? Do you think it's better I rip my eyes out of my head instead of looking at sexy naked women?
Seems like what you Christards really want are some Bachi Bazi boys you can have gay sex with like your Muslim buddies,you can all talk about how much you hate naked women together while you fuck men!
Meanwhile my evil,wicked demonic self will be over here far away from you puritanical fags having a good time enjoying the beauty of naked women and embracing my male nature instead of suppressing my natural human instincts

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Sanguinius 26 days ago

Fken ho

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HolyTruth 28 days ago

retards that think nudity is a sin.. or evil or somthing.

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NewWorldEbola 2 months ago

99.9% of cucktians are worthless today
it's a jew religion regardless of the teachings.
Europe was pagan for millenia before kikes invaded.

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