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Charissa Thompson Nudes Leaked (Fox Sports Anchor)

Published on 17 Nov 2019 / In Entertainment

Charissa Thompson is a 37 year old Television Host for various sports and drama outlets. She's worked at "Extra", "ESPN", and is currently employed at Fox Sports Live. She claims to be a proud christian, but I'm beginning to doubt that considering her leaked photos!

This is a quick vlog with my opinions on this controversy. Bottom line - people can only hurt you when you're vulnerable. Taking those photos, makes you vulnerable. Don't do it.

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JewRSubhuman 4 days ago

I just lost several brain cells by watching this.

Dont do it turn back now.

Your brain will thank you

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Martin Comeau
Martin Comeau 8 days ago
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DonkeyKang 9 days ago (edited)

Get this dumb shit off the front page already for fucks sake it’s been there for over a year, this site needs a fucking overhaul.

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111offline111 9 days ago

"All things hidden shall be made known." Hypocrites find out GOD is not mocked the hard way.

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Based And Redpilled
Based And Redpilled 10 days ago

Degenerate whore

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