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charleston white ye v. jews

Published on 04 Dec 2022 / In Niggers

charleston white ye v. jews

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Bill Neil
Bill Neil 25 days ago

Was not one crumb of truth about Ye and his
Calling out the Jew.
I can tell you the Truth is ,whether the Nigger's know it or not; the Nigger and the jew are of the same family.
As are all not White's.
Hell since this whole Ye syop started a few video's have surfaced.
And in these vids all types and kinds of Nigger and mud Race's and slant eyed and hooked nosed Devil's have said "we are all Jew's and are proud to be one people"
So they are now celebrating their jewishness,all these dog's.
Ye (a mockery of YHVH The Christ Jesus) is doing his acting job for the Jew's; of which Ye is a family member.
It's a planned and scripted operation.
The second you see anyone being promoted and propt up all over the mainstream and social media. You already know it's all part of the Jewish agenda.
It all comes down to White hate and open season on white western European Folk and Kind.
They are all against the white people of True European descent.
All White's are European, but not all European looking people are White
If you catch my drift😉.
And hell nowadays Europe is vastly different from the good Volk that Europe sprang from.
Europe is like a mix of Eastern to middle eastern Sub Saharan Africa, a speck of snow hear and there.
And when I reference Europe I'm speaking of all our land's and outstretched colonies.

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FadingFlash 1 month ago

South Africa hand-off shows all that needs to be shown when you subtract an important denominator.

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BasedAndAwake 1 month ago

white people support niggers starting their own communities separate from whites. This happens naturally in America and there should be no ill towards niggers but only towards the jewish federal reserve banking system

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cracker 2 months ago

monkey want money like queen gave the filthy jews and he get it by going to the UN... then monkey be powerful and have lots of bitches and sheeeeit

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Soldiergoy 2 months ago

I guess he forgot about the German white boys

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