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Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA is a crypto-jew

Published on 13 Dec 2021 / In Cointel Pro Shills

⁣full speech here: ⁣
אם תרצו - Im Tirtzu
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Founder and president of Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk, speaks live in Jerusalem at an event hosted by Im Tirtzu, Israel's largest grassroots Zionist movement.

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FridgeDucky 1 month ago

jews suck and israel isn't even a real state

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Judenfrei 1 month ago

What a good obedient little goy. And he shall continue to be a useful lackey until he serves his purpose and they throw him away.

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anomaly 1 month ago

You know they're telling the truth and doing the right thing because they go around to college campuses and try to convince other people of those "facts". That is a totally normal thing to do. Don't you guys remember when you were at college and those Canadian activists or Mongolian activists tried to convince you that Canada and Mongolia were "great" and "moral"? Yeah, super normal.

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Soldier1 1 month ago

I'm not familiar with him. What is
Turning Point?

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FridgeDucky 1 month ago

it is one of those pro-zionist honeypots that target college students

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KrautMic 1 month ago

Charlie Kike!

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