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Child Caught In School Bus Doors While Driver Is Oblivious

Robert Parks
Published on 19 Jul 2021 / In Uncategorized


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ytrebiLeurT 12 days ago

Unbelieveable... !

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Cody_Austin 2 months ago (edited)

That huge pink backpack is pretty gay but this is a whole new level of anti-gay violence! And why didn't the guy standing up notice this? I thought on the retard bus the retards rode in the back ...I didn't think they'd be allowed to drive the damn bus too!

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Trust your child in a strangers hands and this is the out come... I anyone is surprised by this any more then you either don't have children or you are a shitty parent for selling out your child.

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Gifted163 2 months ago

What? Oh my God? No, no, no. Oh my dumb, stupid, overweight, fat-assed self. Unaware of things around her, as well as the other children too fucking stupid to speak up. Sue this bitch and the school system for enough compensation to close the fucking school. The Father of this child should hospitalize the overworked, overwhelmed by common sense dumb woman.

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Freedom 2 months ago

Glad the kid survived. I doubt the child ever has to work the settlement the school will pay out.

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