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Child trafficking, kids organ harvesting

Victory Or Valhall
Published on 04 Dec 2021 / In Pedophilia / Trafficking

Kids beeing trafficked to harvest their organs then the dead kids are thrown out in black garbage bags

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ytrebiLeurT 7 months ago

I don't watch the video, reading the comments is enough for me...

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7 months ago

It's much worse too. They actually have brothels where children can be raped, etc. Some of these children are infants. Sex with a grown man ruptures their intestines and dislocates their hips. Then, while still alive, their organs are harvested. Who buys these organs? I didn't think that many organ transplants were done. So there has
to be another market for these human parts. I also think these corpses are repurposed into meat products, experimentation, etc. This is so evil that we need a new word just to accurately describe it.

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TheRealmcGoy1 7 months ago

This is already kind of old news .
Nothing has happent against it .

Hard to tell if its real or fake ,their is no footage of the harvest .
...not ...that i would like to see that🤢🤡🤮
The video is totally insain .

I could never film such a thing like this ,if it is real ,i would go mad on these doctors .
This shit is unacceptable .

Their is something going on in the back ground ,but footage is of very bad quality ,you cant really tell what is going on 🤷‍♂️

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nonstopwarfare 7 months ago

Father please help us I will kill them for you

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