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Chimpin' Out Compilation Vol 2

Published on 24 Jul 2021 / In Comedy

⁣Chimpin' Out Compilation Vol. 2

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NewWorldCircus 2 months ago

That whole "Defund the police" may actually work against NIGGERS.

What do you think the whites, and Asians will do when the police are defunded in their areas???
IF there are any NIGGERS that have fucked them over, the NIGGERS will really have to keep a look out.

It would be like the PURGE.

The Purge for NIGGERS.

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Lawi 2 months ago

Negros are certified COVID FREE because they already carry the Majority of sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

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Sibbeloth 2 months ago

KMB that's a nice video that puts me in a good mood, you're on my Christmas card list (: The jews are not for subverting nations and using blacks as biological weapons against everyone, including other blacks.

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KMB 2 months ago

Jews Are Evil They Come Right Out Of Satan's Asshole The Only Thing Worse Than A Low IQ Street Nigger Is A Stinking No Good Jew

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KMB 2 months ago

Niggers Just Love To Shit On White Neighborhood In Care Of The Jew Owned US Government

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