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China: "The era in which the US acted arbitrarily in the world under the pretext of democracy and human rights is over."

Published on 19 Dec 2021 / In Wars / Military Industrial Complex

⁣China knows the US doesn't have the man/power to fight on two fronts, Russia and China. China is making its move to "secure global power".

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Soldier1 1 month ago

Oh STFU you midget slanty eyed gnome. This is just BS leading up to war with the USA. Come on down man, the Bible says only 1/6 of your troops will survive.

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ytrebiLeurT 1 month ago

Isn't that ... that is ... isn't that a Jew behind him? look closely then you can see him it´s a Chinjew...

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dino 1 month ago

Maybe this guy should take a gander in the mirror, because he belongs to a party which is responsible for the largest human slaughter in the history of mankind.

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