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christianity is jewish - jews fear paganism and the laws of nature part 2 of 2

Published on 25 Jul 2022 / In Uncategorized

hitler's germany - mother nature and the fatherland.

“as in everything, nature is the best instructor.” ― adolf hitler

⁣⁣the jews are masters of deception
and psychology. one only needs to look to where the money and publicity
are at to see what they are behind. what is being pushed on the public?
who has the power? it is easy to see christianity is a jewish program
when one knows the jews and their tactics. the problem is- many actually
fall for deception and think the jews are working to destroy
christianity, which is not the case. they invented it, they are behind
it and they promote it and 'heaven' forbid the gentiles whould wake up
to this fact! christianity is a stepping off point to atheism. when one
is a total atheist, one is no longer a threat to the jewish powers that
be, as one does not acknowledge the occult or believe in such things and
the jews are free to use these powers unchecked for their nefarious
purposes to enslave the world.

keep the faith. pray to your true Father, not the ((( middle man. )))

⁣mirror from Trivium_Supremacy

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HereAmI 15 days ago

Hitler in his comment has it partly, but not wholly, right.
Romans 1, 20 states that "The invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead. "
So the deist position is epitomised here.
However, as we know, the devils also believe in God - and tremble; so it is not enough to have nature as your teacher, even though it reflects the perfection of its Creator, you must take one further step, and understand both Who God is, and His Name, which we have been given.
"For there is one Name given under heaven amongst men whereby we must be saved."
Nature has nothing to say about a whole range of issues which however the Bible addresses; so a man relying on nature to instruct him can only go so far; to truly understand the world he lives in, and have it logically explained to him, he must go to scripture.

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HereAmI 15 days ago

So how do we get from a consideration of the tenets of judaism, and its apparent opposition to paganism, to the statement made here in the rubric that "Christianity is jewish"?
I believe that this is what is called a "non sequitur."

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HereAmI 15 days ago

"Nature is the thing that has created and sustained us."
( @ 5.10. )
There isn't a shred of evidence that "nature" can do anything except conform to the laws which God has constrained it with.
In other words, it continues to have its seed within it, and brings forth after its kind, generation after generation.
And it by no means can "create" anything; if it can, then the speaker will be able to show us how this was, and is, being done.
To the present time, not one person has ever been able to explain how phenomenally complex information has been encoded into the DNA / RNA system, except as an act of Will by an existing intelligence, Whom we both call God, and Christ Jesus, His Son.

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mikaowx 26 days ago

Yep they have a huge worldwide safety net. They have schools, job organizations, law protection agencies, they help them get visa anywhere they go, they get money from their multi million dollar funds, they get holocaust extra shekel, the jewish communities are everywhere, they have uncountable organizatons for anything and they want to control ours so that we wouldn't have any.
These orgs are all for jews only. They say when the goyim go down we go up. That is why they wish we'd descend on the ladder of existence. BTW human nature is a part of nature too.

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Spectralwulf 2 months ago

Natural graffiti - cool.

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happyapple4 2 months ago

Good video! Once we get back to our roots, there will be nothing that can ever defeat us. It's their off-planet deity, Yaldaboath who wants the Anthropos (human species) and Nature destroyed.

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