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Christopher Jon Bjerknes The jew, Blatantly lies, calling Hitler a Bolshevik

Louis Marschalko
Published on 01 Sep 2022 / In Cointel Pro Shills

⁣Important: Christopher Jon Bjerknes – A man who lies massively about HITLER – A JEW?
⁣So I did a bit of checking with my friends and they confirmed that he is a GERMAN HATER and he has some kind of Jewish heritage!! AHA!!!!

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Terrarium Firma
Terrarium Firma 3 months ago

bjerknes seems very uncomfortable and even terrified. Its like he has a gun to his head. One wonders why one would even allow oneself to be filmed in such a state of discomfort

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Derby 5 months ago

Adam Green is a crypto jew operative.

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Louis Marschalko
Louis Marschalko 5 months ago

He is a half truther one of many, half truth to suck them in half lies to confuse and obfuscate , the intention is to blur lines and cause confusion in the minds of those that cannot see through the BS.Very common tactic.The half truth being his revelation that we already knew , the Jews being responsible for the Genocide of Christian Armenians.The reason for the attack on Hitler with blatant lies reflects Jewish concern that people are waking up to the fact that Hitler and Germany were the victims of WW2 that they did not want war and that the British and American public were tricked and lied into destroying Germany as General Patton discovered and was assassinated for saying "we defeated the wrong enemy" on 21 July 1945 to his Officers

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mikaowx3 5 months ago

Bjerknes has thrown the javelin a little too far IMHO. Other than that his kabbalah reconstructions and anti einstein works are worthy to read.

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Iluvhitler70 5 months ago

I cant stand this disgusting kike rat. Right when the truth is coming out about WWII, this lump of shit tries to confuse people with his made up jewish crap. His books aren't even worth wiping your ass on.

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DTGKSonofGod 5 months ago

Absolutely !

There is no such thing as a good so called jew !

They are the most heavily networked - ethno mongrel - tribal crime syndicate on earth.

All working together synergistically toward these objectives :

destruction of Christian Civilization -
destruction of Christianity -
culling of the entire earthly population of White Adamic Israelite's aka :

Germans -
Anglo Saxons -
Celtics -
Nordic -
Scandinavians -

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