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City employees attack old man.

Published on 28 Feb 2023 / In Uncategorized

⁣5 contracted city employees in Evanston, Illinois (a city that borders
Chicago) beat up a senior citizen after a verbal altercation. They work
for Streetplus, a clean team that picks up trash, removes graffiti and
works closely with the homeless.

Streetplus showed up and apparently saw him relieving himself and a
verbal altercation started. It escalated quickly. In the video, you can
see him first thrown to the ground and get punched by two of them. 4 of
the 5 then kicked him.

You can see his friend desperately trying to help by pushing them off.

These workers then quickly jumped into their city truck and sped off.

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BasedAndAwake 3 months ago

In Washington DC it seems that 3/4 government employees are niggers. Most of the wealthy DC suburbs are inhabited by well paid niggers who act just like this and drive nice cars paid for by whitey. Then they manage the government!

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happyapple4 3 months ago

They're dangerous. You never know when they'll attack.

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DeathToJWO 3 months ago

You can expect a lot more of this the more Whites get replaced by "affirmative action" hires...

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GottMitUns 3 months ago

If you look up the company Streetplus which is the one the negros in the vid work for it is laced with "affirmative action" hires. One of the founders is a "you know who".

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Hatbox 3 months ago

I read city officials suspended the $508,000.00 Streetplus Evanston Clean Team which is operated by a NYC based firm with covid relief funds. They're advertised as a "visible, friendly presence". Yeah, right.

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Hatbox 3 months ago

I hope they've been arrested by now. It seems they can only say "fucking". Feral blacks are out of control. Granted the guy should have found a public toilet, but it didn't warrant that reaction. Niggers turn my stomach.

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If someone publicly urinates then take a picture and call the cops. They arrest him, find out who he is and then he pays a fine or not. The pissing guy committed a misdemeanour. Nignog committed several assault and battery crimes which won't be recorded except on WTVideos and most certainly not by Jew Courts.
The reset is coming. Jesus called it the coming wrath. The tempest is about to do it's thing and the earth is about to convulse to protect the Hebrew remnant by universally destroying the fruit of the Babylonian Jew.
So be it.
Remember. Flee to the high places when the signs censored from Jewtoob are there. Well. The tree is green and the Ice Man cometh!

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