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CIVIL WAR 2 in America - WHO WOULD WIN? In-Depth Analysis

faye grimm
Published on 05 Jul 2019 / In Film & Animation
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jfm5959 2 years ago

Just great!!!

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DeleteAccount 3 years ago

Great video. It is important to be reminded of the Armed Americans who will resist at all costs - especially in liberal towns like mine.

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4 years ago

He is completely wrong about the number of police in America. I realize they have made it extremely complicated to get the accurate numbers but even at the basic level you're looking at the lowest estimate of 3% of the population which would put at 10 million.
Then add all agencies with the power of the judicial system excluding FBI you jump to 5% then add FBI you jump to 5.5% and the CIA, NSA, DHS, ICE, you jump to 10% then add National Guard that can assist police by order. That can run you up around 30 million that has judicial power. And police in the US is fully militarized.

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THE McGuire
THE McGuire 4 years ago

this is a great video btw

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THE McGuire
THE McGuire 4 years ago

10,000 people in the first year , they'll eat their own

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