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CIVIL WAR 2 in America - WHO WOULD WIN? In-Depth Analysis

faye grimm
Published on 05 Jul 2019 / In Film & Animation
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warrenG 2 years ago

you are wrong about the lefty types not wanting guns, they think its oh so cool and sexy to be a revolutionary...john brown groups, weather underground witnessed by all the riots and bullshit between 2015 and 2020...also you are forgetting that the kikes are running the show and according to them all they need is the police, the military and a few millionaires devoted to their interests...they like to wipe out one to two thirds of "the human material" under their control and with the power they have because of the banks they can buy whoever and whatever they want with people being the cheapest weapon..and whos to say what foreign interests will do...they used many east and central asians in the russian revolution and lots of other people too...its going to be a 2 cents...

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faye grimm
faye grimm 1 year ago (edited)

How can I be wrong about something I never said? I didn't write the film and I don't use videos to speak for me. I share things and like when people respond and discuss it though. Thank you for commenting. My friend Coz had posted this and a few others for me over the years because I don't have a solid connection. They were on his channel but now he put all my videos onto my own channel this last week so I honestly don't even remember this one. I would have to watch it before I could respond. But not tonight.

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jfm5959 2 years ago

Just great!!!

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DeleteAccount 2 years ago

Great video. It is important to be reminded of the Armed Americans who will resist at all costs - especially in liberal towns like mine.

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3 years ago

He is completely wrong about the number of police in America. I realize they have made it extremely complicated to get the accurate numbers but even at the basic level you're looking at the lowest estimate of 3% of the population which would put at 10 million.
Then add all agencies with the power of the judicial system excluding FBI you jump to 5% then add FBI you jump to 5.5% and the CIA, NSA, DHS, ICE, you jump to 10% then add National Guard that can assist police by order. That can run you up around 30 million that has judicial power. And police in the US is fully militarized.

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THE McGuire
THE McGuire 3 years ago

this is a great video btw

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