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Clean up Homeless encampment in venice beach california new skid row

Published on 26 May 2021 / In People & Blogs
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Sir_Digby_Chicken_Cesar 4 months ago (edited)

Why don't these homeless go and camp at the homes of the POS leftist FUCKTARDS that created this blight? If they can set up squalor on the beach they can just as easily set up squalor at Maxine Water's house or (((Eric Garcetti's))) house or Gavin's house or his aunt, Nancy-melted-candle-face-Pelosi's house. If these homeless started forcing these POS leftist FUCKTARDS to live with the consequences of their actions, maybe these POS leftist, jew-controlled FUCKTARDS would correct their actions and deranged ideology.

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Soldier1 4 months ago

People are hoarding in the homeless camp. Oh Lord!

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mics972 4 months ago

From Homeless To Hope, This is what we need! - Here's another video you need to see,
Perhaps Deep Secrets and Secret Underground Bases - ROBERT SEPEHR
Video :

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Konigtiger1945 4 months ago

Well that works. Same problem here in Tenerife los cristianos.tramps in squats & tents from all over world turning the place into a shithole.mugging tourists,selling/buying drugs & begging.f horrible.most of them you past stank to high heaven.when there is the sea & showers on the beach?! Dirty scruffy bastards.situation different in US? Am I being insensitive? Woteva

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Lawi 4 months ago

White People please pay your Welfare Tax and participate with the mandatory importation of more Third World Genetics.

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