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Clots found by embalmers in 50-70% of dead bodies.

Published on 13 Sep 2022 / In Phamajewdicals Vaccines

Clots increasing for no reason. From 5% to 50/70%
A mystery.

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DTGKSonofGod 13 days ago

98% Of those dead :{ murdered !! }: people are ::



Those fake ass jews have been telling whitey for the past 2 years , that all non white invading sub-humanity and those already in our white nations ; that ::

subhuman apes -
sand niggers -
filthy damn asians -
himalayan mongolian apes -
wetbacks -
and every other mongrelized - bastardized - genetic circus side show freek , are exempt from those so called vaxx !

The Trurth is , those so called vaxx are Lethal Injections , custom made exclusively for White People !!

This is the Truth , so help me God !!

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m0rglee 13 days ago

There was that ace2 receptor study showing that a computer based//non isolated///bioweapon: ConyID affected whites (6% 'global' minority) more than the ethnic MAJORITIES, and then Jews (and Amish) not at all.
Is that a valid study? I don't know.
I haven't seen a similar analysis for the jewjab deaths, and with all the manipulation of data, it's difficult to know for sure about these things.
The 'viruses don't even exist' information conflicted with that ace2 study. It's a muddy picture, that's their m.o.
Bearing in mind all their plans for the death of the white race it would make sense that the vax targets whites for gradual removal. With only 1-10% reported to VAERS and manipulation on various levels we can't be sure.
Or do you have some information to show that?

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DTGKSonofGod 13 days ago

@m0rglee: I am trying to track down more specifics on the deaths of those who have been so called vaxxed :{ their ethnicity }:

But all the search engines are flooded with disinformation and will always mix the ethnicities into one big pile .

I know there is a more concentrated effort to cull the white race , as opposed to all other so called races .

One only needs to compare these 2 lists to see , that there is a conspiracy to cull the white race to extinction ::

#1 = All the anti-white policies - programs - protocols being enforced against white's , in all their nations e.g, ....

Forced integration of their schools - neighborhoods - places of occupation -

Forced miscegenation of white females , with subhuman apes - sand niggers and wetbacks -

Forced multiculturalism :{ so called jews and their global horde of non white invading and weaponized sub-humanity have no such thing as a heritage - culture or history , if they did they would be remaining in their own 3rd world shitholes and making their countries great again , wouldn't they ??

Instead , what do we see taking place in every white nation ??

Hundreds of millions of fake ass jews and non white sub-humanity , screaming - scratching and clawing at each other , as they race to the borders of all white nations and then to the welfare offices , to redeem their lifetime winning welfare lottery tickets .

Forced diversity :{ chasing down the last white person aka white genocide }: -

Forced redistribution of white wealth and resources :{ welfare state : that shovels out all the free housing - food - clothing - transportation , to all : FAJ / SOS / GOG / MAGOG , and white's have to pay for it all }:

Forced Lethal Injections , White's are coerced to roll up their sleeves and receive ; or they will be out of a job :{ It's already known that all invading non whites and fake ass jews are exempt from the so called vaxx - this info can be listened to on public funded radio stations and other PBS networks }: -

The use of weaponized semantics :{ words - titles - euphemisms }: to force white's to capitulate to their own genocide e.g,....

political correctness -
hate crimes -
hate speech -
nazi -
white supremacist -
white privilege -
critical race theory -
And many more .

#2 = All the benefits - privileges - entitlements - rewards , that only these groups are eligible :

so called jews :{ all their tribes }: -
subhuman apes -
sand niggers -
filthy damn asians -
himalayan mongolian apes -
wetbacks -

Free section 8 and HUD housing -
Free vehicles every year -
Free vacations back to their 3rd world shithole countries 1-2 a year -

Free cell phones -
Free utilities -
Free internet -

Free medical -
Free dental -
Free surgeries -

Free business loans , that they don't have to pay back :{ whitey has to pay it back }: -
Free attorney's fees , whenever their so called right's dun ben violated -
Free public transportation -

Free lifetime of food stamps -
Free government clothing and holiday shopping vouchers :{ 10-15,000 a year }: -
Free educations in privately owned white christian schools -

Free student loans :{ whitey has to pay back }: -
Huge tax refunds , even though they never payed a dime in taxes -
Enormous cash rewards for breeding uncontrollably -

These are only a few of the hundreds of entitlements , all no white's and fake ass jews obtain , via parasitism - vampirism .

You can clearly see , there is an agenda against all white people , to cull them to extinction .

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m0rglee 13 days ago

@DTGKSonofGod: I'm not denying that they want the death of the white race, but linking the Vax to that aim isn't easy to do. I haven't seen it done yet.
There are agendas that wish to cull 95% of humanity.
If we have to make leaps of faith to prove what we believe then we could be wrong/misled.
The picture is always more complicated than most of us can perceive, as we only know what we've tuned in.

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