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Clown World - Asians behave like Niggers

Published on 03 Oct 2022 / In Uncategorized

⁣a fight in vietnam....

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Search4Truth 2 months ago

Looks like a territorial dispute.

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exposethejeugenda 2 months ago

close but not quite niggerville, if that was niggers mobs of them would have been looting and stealing every item while the fight was going on...

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happyapple4 2 months ago

The dogs there wouldn't even fight each other like those chinks and sand nigs.

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Gods 2 months ago (edited)

These are Vietnamese monkeys🇻🇳. This city is Ho Chi Minh, aka SAIGON. Vietnam are animals of violence, lies, rob, , fraudsters , thieves, cunning, paranoia & barbarism. Vietnamese communist monkeys killed millions of Western White people from France & America when they came to this barbaric land last century. Not only that, when the French & Americans ran away from the slaughter of these Vietnam monkeys, they followed them to invade France & America. Currently, there are many communism Vietnamese monkeys in France & America. It's a pity that France & America didn't drop atomic bombs to destroy these Vietnamese monkeys when they wanted wars. Soon, when the Race wars happens, the Vietnamese monkeys are invading France & America will be the first creatures to be destroyed. Followed by all the Vietnamese monkeys anywhere. The Vietnamese genocide would be the perfect revenge for terrible things these monkeys did to millions of French & Americans of White race. The other asian monkeys also wars & kill a lot of White people, they must also be exterminated. Asians are inferior & ugly creatures, ASIAN GENOCIDE is a good thing for nature & this world

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SummerLee 2 months ago

One of the dogs lifted it's leg and peed on one of the gift baskets 🤮

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