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Clowns = Reptilian Symbolism of Possession ((RE-UPLOAD))

Published on 22 Nov 2021 / In Conspiracies

Clown world = The Rat's paradise. The sheep's limbo, and the Wolf's hell, and we're in clown world.

The Joker from Batman would always say, "Why so serious?" Serious = Sirius. The clown/"Reptilian Troll" makes a "Joke" out of anything it touches... This is why they get involved with the truther community... To make a joke out of it, to where no one takes truthers/ and conspiracy theorists seriously.

The clown slit represents the reptilian pupil, and the clown's lip stick that goes across his/or her face represents the reptilian's large dinosaur mouth.

Why the red hair though...? They say the red hair and white skin comes from the ancient Nephelim ((the redheaded giants)) that use to walk among humans in the ancient past... That were also known for cannablism. I find it interesting that the highest percentage of RH- blood comes from European Redheaded people... Could this be where the saying, "Redheads have no souls" come from...? Food for thought.

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