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CNN's Don Lemon - 'White men are a terror threat'

Published on 08 Sep 2020 / In Jewish Genocides

he's prolapsed by his white faggot bf

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pater409 18 days ago

Don Lemon, the nigger faggot getting paid by Communist News Network to take ball-less JEW cock up his asshole, would of course blame White men for societal problems. Fuck Communist News Network, run by a hook-nosed, JEW FAGGOT COWARD, and fuck the porch monkey faggot Lemon.

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Chaplain Bob Walker
Chaplain Bob Walker 4 months ago

Blacks commit half of all murders and violent crimes
but whites are the problem.

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666BlackSun666 1 year ago

Leave it to the nigger fags and Italians...

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whitewolf88 1 year ago

Don Lemon is a idiot and a faggot

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If the moron was referring to the migrant caravans originating south of Mexico, they did not get "tuckered out", a lot were stopped by Mexican police as they tried to illegally cross into Mexico. But several thousands still made it to the US boarder, not a few hundred like the shit for brains just lied about.

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