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Coal Burner now cries to the whiteman to save her and niglet

Published on 22 Nov 2021 / In Sports

⁣Nov 18, 2021
⁣FOX 35 Exclusive: Interview with victim of alleged Zac Stacy attack
⁣FOX 35's Dave Puglisi speaks to Kristin Evans about the alleged attack by ex-NFL player Zac Stacy.

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gatormcluski 1 day ago

Pay your toll you disgusting race traitoring nigger lover. You chose, as millions of other white girls have over this past 30 years, to lay with low IQ hyper aggressive racist animals who contribute nothing to society but hatred, violence, and murder. NOW GO BE WITH THEM! We don't want you dirty ass skanks

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ShortieLeeroy 7 days ago

She can now donate enough money to blm,you know,to support their cause.

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Allophylian 9 days ago

Kangz beats his Qwanza

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Raymo1 10 days ago

Bullshit. This bitch acted like she knew this ass whoopin was coming. I wanna see the transcript and the whole video.

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Konigtiger1945 10 days ago

I’d’ve preferred it if the bitch was in plaster from head to toe. Sambo didn’t do a proper job useless fucking 🦍

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